ID Verification for E-Commerce: Fast, Comprehensive and Surprisingly Simple

Did you know most e-commerce sites only require that customers provide a three to four digit credit card security code to verify their identity? Did you know that this code is printed directly on the card, easily found by any criminal who steals it? What is stopping them from racking up thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent purchases on your site? The reality is that there was very little being done to protect e-commerce sites against fraudulent purchases, until now.

Our ID Verification Test gives merchants an innovative tool designed to thwart the attempts of even the most cunning cyber criminal.

To take advantage of SafeID's service, you simply need to copy and paste our line of code into your site's order checkout process. Once your customer agrees to the verification, they are given an identity test comprised of five to six multiple-choice questions. Upon completion, we cross check the answers against official records and email the score to you. Genuine customers will answer most if not all questions correctly, potential frauds will not.

Any online business is vulnerable to fraud, including yours. Worse is that e-merchants typically bear the most financial risk. If a criminal obtains a person's credit card information and makes a fraudulent purchase, the card holder's liability is normally limited to about $50 or less1. Merchants, however, are typically obligated to compensate credit card companies for the entire cost of the goods sold plus any associated charge back fees.

In addition to using our service to proactively prevent online fraud, there are some red flags that e-commerce sites can look for to stop criminals before they take advantage of you. These include:

Multiple orders placed within a very short time span. Usually from one IP address, one credit card and one user account
Orders for big ticket items with expedited delivery
Fake addresses that when checked with a service like Google Maps turn out to be abandoned buildings or vacant lots
Shipping addresses that don't match billing addresses

With this in mind, the most effective way to protect your e-commerce site from fraud is to prevent it from ever happening. At we are dedicated to providing viable ID Verification solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The ID Verification Service provided by SafeID uses Patent Pending Technology not available anywhere else.