What is Identity Verification?

Identity Verification confirms that your customers are who they claim to be. Here's how it works: Our test asks them a series of multiple choice questions based on information aggregated from a variety of public and private databases. Genuine customers will easily answer every question correctly, potential frauds will not.

Why should I use SafeID?

Any online business is vulnerable to fraud, including yours. Worse is that merchants typically bear the most financial risk. If a criminal obtains a person's credit card information and makes a fraudulent purchase, the card holder's liability is normally limited to about $50 or less1. Merchants, however, are typically obligated to compensate credit-card companies for the entire cost of the goods sold plus any associated charge back fees. Why risk losing valuable time and money when you can easily integrate our ID Verification Test into your site today?

How easy is it to incorporate SafeID into my existing check out process?

Incorporating our ID Verification Test into your site is surprisingly simple. It only requires you to add a line of code, which can be added before or on your check out page.

What type of information is checked?

We check personal information such as your customer's date of birth, the last four digits of their Social Security Number, address and phone number against our extensive databases.

Are there any privacy issues when using SafeID?

No. We never share any personal information. Our system uses SSL encryption technology, so your customer's can rest assured knowing their information is kept private.

What information do I need to provide in order to have my customer's verified?

Our proprietary technology is able to confirm your customers' identity using only your customer's first and last name, email address and last four digits of their Social Security Number.

Why hesitate any longer? Incorporate our ID Verification Test into your site today and conduct your online transactions with confidence knowing you are well protected against fraud.
If you have any further questions we invite you to contact us directly using one of the methods on our contact page.

The ID Verification Service provided by SafeID uses Patent Pending Technology not available anywhere else.