How It Works?

How We Stop Fraud Before it Starts

Our ID Verification Test can quickly and easily authenticate almost anyone's identity, here's how it works:

It takes information from public and private databases to confirm your customer's identity.

Credit agencies, telephone directories and government databases are used in the verification process. Our system runs a comprehensive search, aggregating information from a variety of sources to create a short questionnaire which will authenticate legitimate customers.

It confirms three key attributes - your buyer's name, address and social security number.

All you need to provide us with is your customer's first, last name and their e-mail address. We then ask them to take our ID Verification Test, comprised of 5-6 multiple choice questions. Questions like, "Which state was your Social Security Number issued in?" quickly confirm genuine users and scare off fraudulent customers.

It can be integrated swiftly, easily and cost-effectively into most business environments.

We provide a simple line of code that can be added into your website either before or on the confirmation page. Once your customer completes the test, you will receive the results through our API which send results to your web server in real time, via email and directly in your control panel. For more information on website integration click here.

Our ID Verification Test is completely confidential.

Customers do not want their names, email addresses, or social security numbers compromised. We never share users' sensitive information. Our system uses SSL technology, so shoppers can rest assured knowing their information is kept private.

By working to prevent fraudulent customers before they can harm your business our ID Verification Test will help you save time, money and energy.

The ID Verification Service provided by SafeID uses Patent Pending Technology not available anywhere else.