Why You Should Use ID Verification Tests

In the US, where Social Security Numbers are used as universal forms of identification, it is very easy to steal someone else's identity both on and offline. Once ID thieves get their hands on someone's personal information, they can do a lot of damage, including opening fraudulent credit card accounts. This could be a nightmare for your e-commerce business. Below are some of the reasons why you need a quality ID Verification service:

1. The Federal Trade Commission has e-commerce guidelines, which it expects your business to follow. Their first recommendation is that you "know who you're dealing with." Our system makes this possible, because it gives your potential clients a multiple choice test, asking questions such as "in what state was your SSN issued?" and "What is your former address?" Only a genuine customer would be able to ace the test, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that that customer won't cause problems for you later on.

2. Our service is quick and easy. Many of the solutions offered by our competitors to guard businesses from identity theft and payment fraud slow down the sales process. You will be able to attend to the real business of your website, i.e. making sales, while our quick, safe ID verification service checks out potential customers for you and makes sure they're legitimate.

3. Your business targets an age-restricted demographic. Our ID verification tests will help you confirm your customers are above the required age limit, whether you sell alcohol, tobacco or age restricted content, or you host online communities that minors should not be exposed to.

4. It is important to show that you are serious about doing due diligence to put a stop to fraud and ID theft on your website. Our system scans billions of records to confirm the identity of your clients. All you need to supply are your customer's first and last name, and his or her email address. We do not require any sensitive personal information from you.

The ID Verification Service provided by SafeID uses Patent Pending Technology not available anywhere else.