Know To Whom You're Selling: Are You Verifying Sales the Right Way or the Wrong Way?

EBay sellers and fans of social networks and dating sites, this one is for you: what do you know about the people who contact you on a daily basis to purchase your items or meet you for coffee? So many people think they are protected by the auction sites they do business through, or the networking sites they introduce themselves to people on, and so they are oblivious to the potential dangers that lie therein.


There are many ways you could go wrong, especially if you don't understand how online auctions and dating sites etc. work. If you don't understand the process, you won't recognize when a buyer or prospect doesn't play by the rules. You don't want the nightmare of dealing with fraudulent buyers with stolen credit cards purchasing large quantities of merchandise from you, only to have the sale charged back by the credit card company.

Many sellers look for lower fees, and so they don't choose auction sites wisely. Others don't take the time to check out their buyers' information. You're also going the wrong way if you don't use tracking services when shipping. Buyers with negative ratings can do untold damage to your business and can wreak havoc on your private life. Fraudulent buyers can claim they never received an item (when in fact they did) if you don't track each shipment.

The ID Verification Service provided by SafeID uses Patent Pending Technology not available anywhere else.